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Stephen Moss - Radio


Radio is a wonderful medium – it combines the directness of television with the intimacy of the written word; and paradoxically, as someone once said, "the pictures are better!" Perhaps surprisingly this applies to the natural world as much as any other subject, with the listener’s imagination filling in any gaps to create something really special.

I appear regularly on BBC Radio, including the Today programme and Jeremy Vine Show, to talk about news stories relating to birds and wildlife.


Together with my friend and colleague Brett Westwood, I have also presented several series on British birds and their songs produced by Sarah Blunt for Radio 4, including:

  • A Guide to Garden Birds (2007)
  • A Guide to Woodland Birds (2008)
  • A Guide to Water Birds (2009)
  • A Guide to Coastal Birds (2010)
  • A Guide to Farmland Birds (2011)
  • A Guide to Mountain and Moorland Birds (2013)

I have also written several series for Radio 4, including A Swallow’s Journey, narrated by
Bill Paterson, which was nominated for a prestigious Sony Radio Award.




"The pictures are better on radio!"